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NewsmanWelcome to My Parent Page!

Below you will find information about classes and forms that need to be signed as field trips, etc. approach.

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General Math News
My algebra and pre-algebra pages on this web site contain several sites to provide help and practice on concepts. There are websites on the math and prealgebra web pages under resources that also provide explanations of concepts in our textbooks. IXL can be used to practice concepts. Please refer to the parent letter for aides that are provided to assist students. Explore my web site to see what is available.
Algebra Class News
Students are currently working on chapter 7 which covers fractional equations, percents, work and mixture problems, and scientific notation with negative exponents. We are working on coding in Basic and animation.
Algebra 2 Class News
Students are currently working on chapter 4 which covers logarithms and operations on them.
Pre-algebra Class News
Students will take the test over Chapter 8 on Monday. Students are beginning work on chapter 9 which covers ratios, rates, and percents. We are also coding in BASIC.
Literature Class News
Students are currently studying their lines for the play. Practice is during literature class.

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