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Welcome to My Math Store!

Below you will find items that you can bid on using the math money you have earned. Find the item you want. Go to the math store bid page and make your bid. Give the item number and the amount you want to pay. Be sure to include your e-mail address. Bids will be taken on items and the highest bid will be accepted if you have the money. Bids must start at $10 million and go up by $10 million. You can currently bid on three items in the last bidding period from May 1 - 17 at 3 P.M. Items will be given to highest bidders. If you change your mind about that item and no longer want it let me know.

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Current Bids
No Current Top Bids.
Final Bids for Last Bidding Period
Final Top Bids for May 1 - 17.
Donated Items
Items that have been donated by families.
Donated Gift Certificates
Certificates to various stores that have been donated.
Teacher Items
Items that are provided by the teacher.

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