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Welcome to My Math Store!

THE MATH STORE IS CLOSED. IT WILL REOPEN IN OCTOBER. Directions - You are to bid on one item. I will post the highest bids next weekend. You can try to out bid anyone that is bidding on the same item. Bids must be $10 million at least and go up by $10 million. If you bid on more than one item I will not count the bid. Go to the math store bid link and make your bid. Give the item number and the amount you want to pay. Be sure to include your e-mail address. Bids will be taken on items and the highest bid will be accepted if you have the money. Thank you for following directions.

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Current Bids
Current Top Bids
Final Bids for Last Bidding Period
Final Top Bids
Donated Items
Items that have been donated by families.
Gift certificates
Donated gift certificates to various stores.
Teacher Items
Items that are provided by the teacher.

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